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Muzzy Bad To The Bone Bolt/Broadhead Combo – Three-Pack


    • All bolts and components in one package
    • Includes both Omni and Half-Moon nocks
    • Includes three broadheads and matching field points
Muzzy took the guesswork out of finding the right bolt and broadhead setup with their money-saving Bad To The Bone Bolt/Broadhead Combo. Package includes three bolts, three 100-gr. Muzzy three-blade crossbow broadheads and three 100-gr. field points.Muzzy’s 344″-dia. Bad to the Bone . Bolts are pre-cut to 20″ to fit most crossbow setups. Bolts come with inserts and fletching installed and are compatible with either Omni or Half-Moon nocks (both included). Each bolt weighs 335 gr. (16.8 gpi). Per 3.
Length: 20″.
Straightness factor: ±0.003″.
Wt. tolerance: ±4 gr.
Nocks: Omni, Half-Moon.Built with bad-to-the-bone construction, Muzzy’s Crossbow Broadhead hits hard and penetrates deep. Aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule, stainless steel blades and ferocious Trocar tip combine to deliver the massive damage you’re looking for. Design aerodynamically meets up with the diameter of your bolt for enhanced accuracy and penetration. Per 3.
Cutting dia: 1-3/16″.
Wt: 100 gr.

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