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Ruger® SP101® provides magnum firepower in a small-frame Double-Action Revolver meant for concealed carry. Built with a solid stainless steel frame, with extra metal where it’s needed, the SP101 also serves well for field carry while fly-fishing or backpacking in the backcountry. The angle of the SP101’s peg-style grip frame, with its cushioned rubber grip that has no exposed metal in the backstrap, makes shooting the sidearm comfortable and extremely controllable for a gun of its size. To withstand recoil from heavy 357 loads, a triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear, and bottom so it stays aligned without getting sloppy over time. The Ruger SP101has a smooth double-action trigger pull, and a clean, crisp break in single-action. The low-profile front sight of the SP101 facilitates drawing the sidearm from a concealed carry holster or pocket without snagging, and is pinned to the heavy top rib of the barrel, making it simple to replace. The rear sight is milled into the solid topstrap, and will never get knock out of alignment or interfere with drawing the weapon when the shooter is in a hurry. The solid frame of the SP101 has no side plate, and the revolver disassembles into integrated sub assemblies with no tools, aiding to ease of maintenance in the field. As with all Ruger Double-Action Revolvers, the SP101 features the patented Ruger transfer bar mechanism that provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge—the revolver can be dropped directly on its hammer and will not fire without the trigger being pulled all the way to the back. The Ruger SP101 Double-Action Revolver is a solidly built sidearm that you can count on in both urban and outdoor environments. Made in USA.

Cushioned rubber grip with black synthetic or hardwood insert has no exposed metal in the backstrap, making it extremely comfortable.
• Takedown of integrated subassemblies requires no special tools, allowing for easy maintenance and re-assembly.
• Transfer bar mechanism provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge.
• Grip frame easily accommodates a variety of custom grips.
• Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot.

UPC 736676157044
Caliber 357 MAG
Capacity 5 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 2.25 BARREL
Weight 1.63 LBS.
Frame Material ALLOY STEEL
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